Every year, Sydney turns on the lights and puts on a show.

The festival is named Vivid! and it doesn’t just encompass the famous light installations – there are also lots of gigs and workshops to attend (okay so I didn’t go to any but I assure you they happen).

But anyways, the main attraction: the lights! Both Ash and I work in Darling Harbour so quite frankly we were sick of the installations there. So we bee-lined to Circular Quay to take in the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House illuminated spectacularly. One of the best spots to take in the entire view is actually as you step off the train.

Not bad ey?

Shimmy on down towards the Opera House and you’ll be memorised by the trippy patterns and floating sea creatures. Spend a good five minutes trying to work out where the images are projected from and then marvel in how clever it is. 

After that, head into the Botanical Gardens with your ‘art appreciation’ hat on. Now if you’re like me, you’re honest enough to admit that you don’t always get art. But that’s okay, I promise! Read the description beside each one yes, but don’t get too deep. Just ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ alongside the other thousands of people who have come to see Vivid too (one thing to remember: it’s ALWAYS busy. Just suck it up).

Once you’ve strolled through the gardens, walk back down to Circular Quay and head towards The Rocks.

Ask your boyfriend to take a photo of you to send to your mother and then laugh at his interesting attempts *monkey hide face*:

Cheers, babe.

Phew, all that walking! I definitely think you deserve that large glass of wine. 

Hit somewhere pretty with a view. I recommend Henry Deane at Hotel Palisade for classy cocktails or perhaps Hacienda Bar. Alternatively, snuggle up with some mulled wine at Grandma’s (if you can find it that is ;)). 

Sydney, you’re beautiful. 


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