Beautiful Balmoral

Yesterday, I dragged a slightly hungover Ash out of bed in order to continue my beach quest. 

My lovely friend Dan had recommended Balmoral beach a while back, so I decided it was the perfect day to go explore.

The sky was blue and the sun shining as we hopped on the bus (25 minutes from the CBD) and tootled to Mosman. Me being me, I was a hungry munchkin by the time I arrived and the cafe opposite the bus stop looked way too inviting, so a latte and some fruit toast was needed! (Caffe Prego, 532 Military Rd, Mosman)

Refuelled and raring to go, we headed down the road to the Promenade. The houses around this area are gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed picking out my future home (#lifegoals) and driving Ash crazy with my exclamations of “ooh I love that fence colour/balcony/front door/etc.”

Balmoral is incredibly pretty and I loved how peaceful it was. Almost makes the colder weather worthwhile to have the beach to yourself! 

We headed straight to Bottom of the Harbour to demolish some fish and chips. I loved the fish coated in perfect crispy batter but I admit I miss proper British chippy chips. We ate on the beach, fending off cheeky seagulls and listening to the water lap onto the sand. 

Bellies full, we then strolled to the little island in the middle of the beach to sit and relax with yet another stunning Sydney view. I really can’t get enough of beautiful Australia. 

Yet another wonderful day off. 


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