Things I learnt in Ho Chi Minh:

  • Pho is actually pronounced ‘fur’.

  • Should you want to eat very nice pho then hop on over to ‘Pho 2000’, which was renamed surprisingly in the year 2000 to commemorate President Clinton eating there. 
  • If you have a death wish then please do rent a scooter here. The roads are packed, dangerous and if you aren’t beeping your horn every two seconds then it’s a miracle.
  • Barter in the markets of course but don’t take the mick. Some of our group managed to make some serious enemies of the ladies on one stall and let’s just say we exited sharpish. 
  • Maps of the city seem helpful but in reality when it’s tipping it down and everything looks the same, you’ll spend a hour looking for a bar.

  • On the up side when you do find that bar, the giant Tiger beer which you order for £1 tastes incredible. 

  • Getting money out of a Vietnamese cash machine makes you feel incredible. Do I want one million dong or two? 

  • Don’t do the Cu Chi tunnel crawl with your rucksack on. It’s a bloody good job I’m short I’ll tell you that. I did make it to the end but it was a tight squeeze. Not for those who are in any tiny way claustrophobic. 

  • Boomerangs are always a good idea

  • I definitely need to return because it was a really interesting city and I only just scratched the surface. Watch this space. 

I stayed at: Hoang Ngan Hotel, 29-31 Bui Thi Xuan St, Dist. 1. Email: Website:

My rating: 7/10 nice rooms, breakfast was included, good location and friendly staff


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